Participating Galleries

Anya Tish Gallery

Archway Gallery

Barbara Davis Gallery

Booker-Lowe Gallery

Catherine Couturier Gallery

d. m. allison on Colquitt

Dean Day Gallery

Deborah Colton Gallery

Devin Borden Gallery

G Gallery

Gallery Jatad

Greenhouse Fine Art

Gremillion & Co. Fine Art, Inc.

Harris Gallery

Hooks-Epstein Galleries

Inman Gallery

koelsch gallery

Laura Rathe Fine Art

McClain Gallery

McMurtrey Gallery

Meredith Long & Company


Moody Gallery

Nicole Longnecker Gallery

Nolan-Rankin Galleries

Parkerson Gallery


Redbud Gallery

Sicardi Gallery

Thornwood Gallery

William Reaves Fine Art

Zoya Tommy Contemporary



If you are interested in being  a sponsor or would like to receive more informationabout this years event, please e-mail us at

*All participating galleries will host day-time Open Houses Saturday, July 12. Several galleries will hold evening receptions Friday, July 11. Please see the upcoming ArtHouston 2014 Event Guide or check the website to plan your weekend.


187 thoughts on “Participating Galleries”

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